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À propos de Lily

My availability for pet sitting is after 5PM on a weekday and flexible on a weekend.

A minimum of 2 weeks of advance notice is advised and appreciated so that a meet and greet can be arranged, instructions/enquiries can be exchanged/communicated, and/or to leave sufficient time for pet owner to make alternate arrangements in the event my schedule is full/booked. I am comfortable dispensing meds/supplements in tablets form to my client, if need be.

I have 5+ years of active dog handling and caring experience through various avenues: Pawshake requests, pet sitting friends' pets, volunteering (bathing puppies, feeding, hydrating and socializing with rescued dogs) at pet rescue shelters (Animal Services Agency and Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter), promoting pet adoption, licensing, neuter/spay when manning the Animal Services Agency booth at a World of Wheels event in Winnipeg, and continuously updating my knowledge and experience e.g., putting some of Cesar Millan's Be the Pack Leader techniques during my interactions with dogs.

I donate to World Wildlife Fund and Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

I am attentive during walks to ensure my furry client do not eat anything off the grounds, and if they do, I have various ways to have them let go of the item from the grip of their mouths. Furthermore, I have taught some of my furry clients tricks (via treats and positive reinforcement) such as having their nose to touch my hand at however high above their height, rollover, spin left/right, shake a paw, stay, and so forth.

Breeds I have had the blessings to take care of include Beagle, Chug (Chihuahua x Pug), Boston Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Toy Poodle, Staffordshire Terrier, and West Siberian Laika.

I will send updates through agreed upon means (email/text). Updates will be once a day by default. Frequency of updates is customisable based on pet owner's preference. Will update on poop/pee times per day for a consistent daily relieving of no. 1 and no. 2 denotes a healthy digestive system and a calm pup, and/or may include snapshots/video from our walks, meals, and/or play times.

I'll give my full attention and care for my furry client for 45 minutes (guaranteed) per visit. Note: Time starts the moment I feed/relief/walk/play with my client. During overnights, I'll be present with my client the entire time, except for an hour or two at most to commute to/fro for groceries, church, or critical errands.

I love the outdoors, so cold, wet, or shine, I'll take your pup with me out for walks! I will monitor the weather forecast and adjust the length of my walks as well as bring along a bottle of water to ensure my fur client gets hydrated during hot weather and not overheat or get exercised partly indoor to not risk frost bite during extreme wind chill warning weather. I suggest pet owners to invest in and have vests and booties ready in their home as wearable protection for their pet(s) during extreme cold weather walks.

I pay close attention to details, so will make sure specific instructions for caring for your pet are adhered.

I pet sit during my leisure time because I love and enjoy being with dogs. They are intelligent and passionate beings, I feel utmost joy being able to hang out with them while keeping them fed, engaged, and happy.

My aim is to provide my client(s) with a wholesome pet staycation while awaiting for their family to return home.

I can accept requests to care for only one dog at this time as I now have a four-legged, fur family member of my own. I unfortunately cannot accept requests from homes with cats due to severe allergy to cat dander.

I had a clean police clearance certificate (2018), a prerequisite before I was deemed qualified to be interviewed for the volunteer position with the Animal Services Agency of Winnipeg.

Thank you for putting your fur family member in the trustworthy, reliable, and responsible hands of mine. Rest assured that I will care for your pet dog(s) as my own, with compliance to the Pawshake guidelines spelled out under "What services can I offer and what should they include?" found in Pawshake Help Centre -> FAQ for Pet Sitters -> Becoming a Pet Sitter, as well as my terms and conditions outlined below.

I look forward to providing your fur baby a wholesome experience paired with utmost care, attention, and love from yours truly. By default (unless requested otherwise by pet owners), here's an outline of my services:

Dog walking ($18, max. 1 dog):

  • 35 mins - Walk/Run + Relieve
  • 10 mins - Feed + Hydrate + Cuddle
  • Updates - Quick text on arrival, Photos on departure
Dog visit ($18, max. 1 dog):

  • 15 mins - Walk/Run + Relieve
  • 30 mins - Feed + Hydrate + Play + Cuddle
  • Updates - Same as aforementioned
Dog sit overnight ($45/overnight, max. 1 dog):

  • On arrival:
- Walk + Feed supper + Quick text

  • Daily:
- Feed and fresh water all meals + Play time + Cuddle time + Sleep time + Three 15-min walks (prior to meal) + House sit (retrieve mail/newspaper + water plants) + End of day updates

  • On exit/departure:
- Walk + Feed lunch + Relief

- Put aside used linens/towels + Bring garbage and recyclables to the respective containers outdoor

- Return key + Final updates

Overnight pet sitter's policy:

I will be present for my client at all times except for the odd brief outings (no more than 2 hours) for groceries or church. I will sleep with my client by my side (unless specified otherwise) in the guest room designated by the pet owner. I will require access to a guest room with clean sheets and towels, a washroom with toilet papers, the kitchen, the living room, and the front and back yards during my stay.

Pet owner's cooperation:

During the meet and greet, kindly provide a house tour of pet sitter accessible spaces/rooms, switches, and fuse box, where to locate pet food, treats, toys, poo bags, cleaning materials, towels, and a demo of the correct way of putting the leash on your pet, as well guidance on thermostat/temperature control. Video surveillance will need to be disclosed.

Prior to leaving for your vacation, kindly prepare a clear and thorough printed/written page posted on the fridge/kitchen table with the following details:

  • Pet's behaviours (likes/dislikes) during walks, and at home
  • Vet contact: name, address, and phone number
  • In town emergency contact: name and phone number
  • Meal instructions: #cups per meal
  • Treats instructions: types and #treats per day
  • Meds instructions: dosage and timing
  • Prefered method and contact details for urgent questions during stay: Email, text, or WhatsApp
  • Prefered method and contact details for receiving updates: Email, text, or WhatsApp
  • House alarm arming/disarming instructions
  • House nighttime outdoor lighting instructions
  • Key retrieval and return procedures
  • Pet owner return to home time and date
Thank you.

Les services de Lily

À votre domicile

Promenade chien
Le gardien viendra chercher votre chien à votre domicile et le promènera pendant au moins 30 minutes
9 CAD par animal supplémentaire
18 CAD
Une visite à domicile par jour
Réservez un gardien qui rendra visite à votre animal chez vous afin de le nourrir et jouer avec lui
18 CAD
Deux visites à domicile par jour
Deux visites à domicile par jour
36 CAD
Garde maison
Le gardien logera à votre domicile pendant votre abscence
45 CAD

Lily offre aussi

Éducation canine

Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.


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Visites à domicile
Shannon, 2022-07-13

Lily has looked after our puppy twice now and is nothing less than incredible. She is a great communicator, pays great attention to detail, goes above and beyond during her visits, and our dogs clearly love her. We hope Lily can be a regular part of our dogs lives.

Garde maison
Sharon, 2021-09-08

Lily went over and above what was required. She communicated daily and I came home to a better trained dog. My house was also spotless. I can't recommend her enough. My mind was at ease on my vacation. Priceless!

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Les animaux de Lily

Eskimo-Chi a.k.a. Chimo


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Je parle Anglais & Autre
+5 années d'expérience
Familier avec les techniques de dressage de chiens

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Médicament par voie orale

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Bénévole pour la protection des animaux
Sauvetage d'animaux




Dog Lover

Promenade chien
Promenades de 30 minutes minimum
9 CAD par animal supplémentaire
18 CAD
Services additionnels et tarifs
Contacter Lily

Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.

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