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Extra Special Care For Your Pets!

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Garde de 24h, au domicile du gardien
12 CAD par animal supplémentaire
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À propos de Christine

Hello, I love both dogs and cats and it would be a pleasure to care for your furry friend!

My dog passed away in 2019 at 15 1/2 years old, so I'm definitely missing the everyday doggie moments. I have a flexible schedule that allows me to provide great care and attention to your cat or dog (or both).

I'm very close to the following neighbourhoods, but if you're not sure, message me as I may be able to help:

Cedarvale, Humewood, Forest Hill, South Hill, Hillcrest/Bracondale Hill, Wychwood Park, Corso Italia, Casa Loma, Davenport, The Annex, and Deer Park.

I can also visit the DOWNTOWN CORE of Toronto!

Description of services:


I can provide home visits up to twice a day for your cat(s) and dog(s). The exact needs of your pet will be discussed of course, but I will clean and re-fill water bowls, prepare the usual food to your specifications, take your pooch for a 20-30 minute walk and for cats provide some play time and clean the litter box(es). Plants can also be watered and mail taken in if you will be away for a while. Detailed notes will be taken to ensure that your pet's routine is followed to your specifications! And of course daily updates and photos will be sent to you.


I will take your pup for a good 30-minute walk around your neighbourhood. Your dog's likes/dislikes for walking can be discussed. (Where does he/she like to go?; what things scare your pooch and should be avoided? E.g. skateboarders, buses, large dogs). This will be a fun outing for your furry friend! I can also feed your dog after the walk, just let me know!


I'll come to your place while you're away to care for your dog(s), cat(s) and other small animals. Details will be discussed with you to ensure that your pet's routine is followed and that your home is well maintained. This service will include feeding to your specifications, cleaning/filling water bowls, playing with your furry friend(s), walking your pups, cleaning litter boxes and sweeping/vaccuuming any litter that may get tracked on your floors. Watering plants (indoors/outdoors), taking out garbage and recycling.

Walks: typically I provide 3-4 walks per day of at least 30-minutes. However this can be tailored to suit your dog's needs and usual schedule. More active dogs can receive longer walks and senior dogs can have shorter, more frequent walks if that works better. I can accommodate whatever works best for your pooch. Generally, I can commit to being in your home for 19-20 hours per day. And you will receive daily updates and photos of your pal(s).


Your dog can roam my apartment or be crated as per his/her routine and your wishes. Your pooch is welcome to sleep on my couch, but if you have a bed or if your dog sleeps in a crate, please bring it along so he/she feels at home. Toys and treats will only be given if approved by you in advance. And of course, you'll received daily updates and pictures of your pal.

I can accept both puppies that have been house trained and mature canines. Rest assured, my priority is to provide a loving and fun experience for your pet, while adhering to your specific guidelines for care.

Availability: My availability for the above services will be 7 days per week (unless I am already fully booked for the period that you are requesting).

NOTE: I take hand washing and cleanliness very seriously and always wash my hands when entering my apartment, your home or after touching a pet. I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!

Les services de Christine

Au domicile du gardien

Votre chien logera au domicile du gardien. Ambiance familiale garantie
12 CAD par animal supplémentaire
45 CAD

À votre domicile

Promenade chien
Le gardien viendra chercher votre chien à votre domicile et le promènera pendant au moins 30 minutes
4 CAD par animal supplémentaire
16 CAD
Une visite à domicile par jour
Réservez un gardien qui rendra visite à votre animal chez vous afin de le nourrir et jouer avec lui
17 CAD
Deux visites à domicile par jour
Deux visites à domicile par jour
34 CAD
Garde maison
Le gardien logera à votre domicile pendant votre abscence
50 CAD

Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.


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Visites à domicile
Elaina, 2021-10-12

Great work! Both our little cats did great with her

Visites à domicile
Sharada, 2021-10-12

Christine was great to work with and very communicative throughout our booking with her. She made sure to understand what our cat needed and she kept us updated with photos while we were away. We had peace of mind knowing that Mala was well looked after!

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Les animaux de Christine


À propos du logement de Christine

Animaux acceptés

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Taille des chiens
0-40 kg
Âge des chiens
0-20 années
Sexe du chien
Femelle & Mâle
toutes sortes
Petits animaux
petits animaux (rongeurs, lapins, oiseaux ...)

Le logement de Christine

Un appartement
Petit espace extérieur
N'a pas d'enfant
Transport en cas d'urgence

Lieux de promenade

Habite à proximité d'un parc canin
Zone urbaine & Un parc en ville


Compétences Spécifiques

Je parle Anglais
+20 années d'expérience
Peut s'occuper d'animaux exotiques

I've been looking after dogs since I was a youngster and have over 7 years experience in caring for cats. I have watched dogs that are both young and elderly, zen and frisky. In addition to my own pets, I house sat a lively 9 year-old dog for 10 months and have provided care for other people's dogs since 2006 and cats since 2012.

I am skilled at the following:

  • Tailoring walks and care to suit your pet's needs and your schedule
  • Administering oral medication (dogs and cats)
  • Administering eye drops, e.g. for glaucoma (dogs)
  • Experienced with senior dogs that need to get out, but cannot walk very far, so need some flexibility (can be carried home if desired)
  • Listening carefully and taking detailed notes to ensure that your dog or cat receive the same attention and care that you would provide

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Médicament par voie orale
Administration de médicaments par injection

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Extra Special Care For Your Pets!

Garde de 24h, au domicile du gardien
12 CAD par animal supplémentaire
45 CAD
Services additionnels et tarifs
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Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.

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