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À propos de Jadzia

Hi there, my name is Jadzia and I love all animals!

My husband and I live in a relatively central location in Ottawa in an older style bungalow. We have a fully fenced in yard and deck for lounging and play! We take all dogs on regular walks (long/short depending on season/weather). We offer visits to off leash dog parks if pet owner permits it.

I am an active volunteer with the Ottawa Humane Society. I am a Level 2 Canine Enrichment volunteer, which means I walk and work with the newer arrivals and the more difficult dogs that are ready for adoption.

I presently offer HOME DOG BOARDING, HOUSE SITTING, 30 MINUTE HOUSE CALLS, DOGGY DAYCARE & GROUP DOG PARK VISITS. I love taking and sharing photos of your pet’s time with me and love spoiling all fur babies!

I AM NOW HOME FULL TIME! You can check me out online, just search for Jadzia Pet Care.

My husband and were both working professionals, with no human children, only furry babies. I started pet sitting on these online websites as a hobby, and it's since turned into the best full-time job ever! We are in and out of the house and very active. If your pet were to stay with us, they would be taken on several walks daily and snuggled with as if they were at home. Also, as if they were at home, they would be left unsupervised at times while we are out and about. We have a big window where all our animals like to sit and watch the outside as they await our return. We are not a daycare that offers around the clock care, instead, we are a responsible, friendly alternative to a boring caged kennel. We offer a true home away from home experience.

Large breeds welcome!

In our home, your pup is allowed everywhere you say is okay. We allow pups on furniture if that is the norm in your home, if not, we will enforce your house rules for consistency.


Regular Rate $30/night; Puppy rate may apply at $40/night (puppies from 3 months to 12 months)

DOGGY DAYCARE: Regular Rate $20/day; Puppy rate may apply at $30/day (puppies under 9 months)

PICK-UP & DROP-OFF HOURS: We are quite flexible and allow for pickup/drop-off between 6am – 11pm, 7 days week, however our availability does vary if we have a previously planned commitment.


Our beautiful Maggie, (a large, older, extremely calm and friendly lab/hound mix) passed away in 2017. She had an amazing power to calm other dogs down, we just loved her so much, that even though she was older with rapidly declining mobility it hadn't stopped us. We purchased a special dog stroller and after her short walks she would excitedly get into her stroller. Yes, we were those "crazy" people with a big dog in a stroller. Ms. Maggie even went to 3 days of La Machine!! We still have the stroller, and if your dog is older, they would most definitely have the opportunity to try it out.

RESIDENT DOG: In 2018 we adopted Loki from the Humane Society. Loki is a senior dog, but still a lively soul. He's a big boy with a big boy bark, but very friendly with all our guest, no matter who they are... big, small, old, young, lazy, hyper, friendly, and even the not so friendly.... he's generally pretty relaxed and shares his home well. He can get quite noisy during the excitement of Meet & Greets, so he may not be present while we are talking. He loves long walks on the beach and hugging pillows.

RESIDENT CATS: We have Elvis & Basia who are mostly indifferent to visitors in our home. If they don't like what's going on, they know where to go to quietly nap. They even have their own room! They are mostly indoor with some outdoor privileges during the day in the summer months. Like all cats, if chased or corned, they will defend, but only if they must! They are pretty good with inexperienced dogs and will hold their ground to teach them whose boss. A cat is always the boss!

I am proud to say that most of my guest who stay in my home with me now are returning guests, but I am always accepting new clients! Because many of the dogs staying here are dogs I already know, I am able to predict quite well who will get along who. Personalities and temperament is everything, size doesn’t really matter in the dog world!

Dog Parks we visit are:

Jack Purcell Park – small, fully fenced & double gated - for those pups with limited recall

Bruce Pit – large, 99% fenced - for those pups that can be trusted with average recall

Conroy Pit – large, limited fences – on leash walks only, but great for socializing

* Summer:

In the summer we travel to a family cottage on some weekends. If your pup were to stay with us on one of those weekends, your pup would get to travel with us to the cottage too. The cottage community is about 3 hours away, lots of fresh air and has its own (fully fenced) dog park as well. Pickup limitations with these weekends apply. We arrive back late Sunday night so no pickups before 10:30pm, we are willing to drop off your pup free of charge on our way back if within the Ottawa area.

* Winter:

In the winter we try to maximize your pups exercise time outdoors when Ottawa winter weather is in full force. With weather of -20 or colder pups are not walked longer then 10-20 minutes at a time, but are taken to dog parks regularly to run and play. Running creates way more heat than walking does, plus dog parks are just so much fun! If you have winter jackets or booties, please bring them, we will use them when necessary.

* Holiday Season:

If your pup is going to be staying with us over the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving or any of the summer stat holidays) there is a chance they will be travelling with us to see family. Our family loves dogs and always welcome new guests. Pick-up limitations during the holidays will apply.

Les services de Jadzia

Au domicile du gardien

Votre chien logera au domicile du gardien. Ambiance familiale garantie
30 CAD par animal supplémentaire
30 CAD
Garderie pour chien
Garderie de jour pour votre chien au domicile du gardien
25 CAD par animal supplémentaire
25 CAD

À votre domicile

Promenade chien
Le gardien viendra chercher votre chien à votre domicile et le promènera pendant au moins 30 minutes
10 CAD par animal supplémentaire
25 CAD
Visites à domicile
Trouvez un gardien qui rendra visite à votre animal à votre domicile pour le nourrir et passer du temps avec lui
40 CAD pour deux visites à domicile par jour
25 CAD
Garde maison
Le gardien logera à votre domicile pendant votre abscence
42 CAD

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Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.


Description exacte
Soins des animaux
Paul, 2020-12-07

Great sitter

Garderie pour chien
Meghan, 2020-12-07

Amazing! The boys were very well taken care of. Will be using Jadzia again!

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Cane Corso

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Le logement de Jadzia

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Compétences Spécifiques

Je parle Anglais & Autre
+20 années d'expérience
Familier avec les techniques de dressage de chiens
Peut s'occuper d'animaux exotiques

I have had dogs and cats my whole life, I am a strong pack leader who loves a new challenge. I have the patience and strengh to walk dogs that do not normally walk well on a leash. I volunteer at the Humane Society training/walking dog that are not ready for adoption.

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Loving Home Away From Home!

Garde de 24h, au domicile du gardien
30 CAD par animal supplémentaire
30 CAD
Services additionnels et tarifs
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Politique d'annulation et de remboursement: Flexible

Remboursement complet si le client annule plus de 24 heures avant le début du service. Remboursement de 50% si annulé après 12h00 la journée précédent le début du service.

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